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FH KWAZAR TRONINA K. S.K.A. (under the FH KWAZAR brand) operates primarily in the field of international trade in coating products for the automotive industry and additionally health protection products. Virtually the offer of FH KWAZAR includes products of all major manufacturers of varnishes and a wide range of varnish accessories. Every year, the company tries to acquire new customers and new suppliers from all over Europe and the rest of the world, but still remains a family company that takes care of the smallest details.

We especially care about building lasting relationships …both in the business and private pheres.

Brand background

FH KWAZAR started its activity in March 1998 (jdg). Initially, the company’s activity was focused on the local market, mainly through the car paint shop of the then DuPont company. Along with the progressive development, FH KWAZAR decided to undertake wider cooperation with the manufacturer of varnish materials by training local car painters with the support of technicians also from Belgium.

FH KWAZAR quickly began to develop its sales, supplying customers within a radius of 100 km from Wieluń. The development resulted in establishing cooperation with the 3M company (third place in Poland in terms of product sales). Another achievement of FH KWAZAR was the direct cooperation with DuPont. It has resulted in the acquisition of many new customers in the Refinish area and the intensification of sales of the Industry product line.

FH KWAZAR had the honor of working directly with DuPont (Axalta) until 2013. The subsequent development of sales also of other goods resulted in resignation from this form of cooperation in favor of extending the range of products offered.

The intensive development of the brand led to the creation of a new company, under which the FH KWAZAR brand currently operates.

from 1998

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98-300 Wieluń
18 Stycznia 168

98-300 Wieluń, ul. 18 Stycznia 168

NIP: PL8322090119
REGON: 521033387
KRS: 0000948893
Sąd Rejonowy dla Łodzi-Śródmieścia w Łodzi,
XX Wydział Gospodarczy – Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
Kapitał zakładowy: 50 000 zł (wpłacony w całości)